Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

Where can I find your walks programme?

We publish full details of all our hikes/walks on Tawe Trekkers - Ramblers 

What level of walk difficulty is right for me?

We grade the difficulty of all our hikes/walks in line with the Ramblers guidance that you can find here:  Walks difficulty - Ramblers

What do I need to bring?

Often you’ll not need much more than common sense: wear the right footwear, depending on how long or difficult the walk is; bring something to eat and drink; and don’t forget to check the weather!

How do I join a walk?

Simply be at the starting point and ready to walk before the published start time.

What does a walk cost?

Nothing. Our members kindly volunteer their time to plan and lead for the benefit of other members.

Must all members lead?

No. Most members choose not to but we are always grateful and supportive to those that are willing.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

You're welcome to try us out for 3 hikes/walks before joining the Ramblers and assigning yourself to the Tawe Trekkers. Ramblers membership gives access to walks led by groups throughout the UK.

How do I become a member?

When you're ready to join us you need to become a member of the Ramblers here Join the Ramblers - Ramblers and please make sure the local group you assign yourself to is the Tawe Trekkers.

Is there an upper age limit to join you?

No. We encourage adventurous and young at heart adults of any age to join the tawe trekkers.

Why can't I access the Tawe Trekkers closed/private facebook group?

This space is for the benefit of our members only. We enjoy taking photographs of our hikes/walks together and respectively understand that some members prefer that these are not shared publicly. Please note you can still follow what we get up to on facebook, instagram and twitter (links below).

Are dogs allowed on walks?

Yes (unless otherwise stated) provided they are well behaved and kept under control at all times. 

Do I have to live in the Swansea area to join you?

No, we have members living far further afield. You are very welcome to join the tawe trekkers wherever you come from.

Should I contact the walk leader to check a walk is going ahead?

In the unlikely event a walk is cancelled it will be clearly publicised on the Ramblers walk details. Please check there where you would have found the walk and refrain from contacting our busy volunteers unnecessarily. We walk all year round in all weathers.

How often do the Tawe Trekkers meet?

We try to meet at least once a week for a hike. This will generally be every Sunday but will sometimes be on a Saturday instead and occasionally both days. During the summer months we also meet for shorter Friday evening walks. There are social events throughout the year too.